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Tearing Up The Road

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Tearing Up The Road

When people say that phrase, “tearing up the road,” it makes us think of one thing – speed!

When people say that phrase, “tearing up the road,” it makes us think of one thing – speed!

Those with chronic anxiety might also think about actual damage to roadway surfaces…

If they're pointing fingers, motorcycles are not the culprit. These smaller lighter vehicles don't create a lot of stress on road infrastructure, but their tires can get torn up over time. We can help!


We have the selection of motorcycle and UTV tires that you need to stay safely on the road, and confident about how you handle your bike.

We have the right Cruiser and V-twin models, as well as a range of touring model tires and street motorcycle fits, so that you can get the right size and quality of tires for your bike – we have best-selling brands, factory-direct, clean and new.


We also have bikes for sale by makers like Honda and Kawasaki. We even have a few cars on the lot – which you can take a look at right from our webpage.

Down here in El Paso, Texas, we take our personal transportation very seriously.

It's not unusual to see an intrepid cyclist blazing down the highway calm and confident in the ability to get where he or she is going with less gas, and less pain filling up at the pump

We all know that gas prices are historically high right now, so this might be the time for you to consider a smaller personal vehicle to get around.

While you're browsing here are some things to keep in mind as you’re choosing the right motorcycle or vehicle tires:

You want to make sure that you have capacity for an adequate PSI pressure rating, in order to keep tires properly inflated. It helps with the road surface (and safety!) but also with certain kinds of maintenance and keeping a vehicle in good condition.

In fact, tire inflation can have to do with fuel usage, as well.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have protection from moisture as you're storing your bike.

Part of the reason for that is to prevent certain kinds of deterioration on the sidewall or elsewhere on the tire.

At the end of the day, some simple maintenance will help you to get more out of what you purchase - your motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle.

As a specialty seller, we take care to keep those things in mind, and help remind our customers to shop smart. Browse the web for more on how to get the best motorcycle tires, etc.