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When Should I Change My Motorcycle Tires?

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When Should I Change My Motorcycle Tires?

The tires are the main support point of our motorcycle. Once they wear out, they lose grip, which can be very dangerous. During rainy seasons, the braking distance is lengthened, so the motorcycle skids more and you run the risk of skidding and falling. That’s why it’s important to know when to replace the tires of your motorcycle.

Since not all tires wear in the same way, this will depend on the model of the motorcycle, the use you give it, and the type of road you use it on. Typically, a good tire should be changed after 25,000 miles, while lower quality tires should be replaced after 3,000 miles for the rear tires and 6,000 miles for the front tires. Still, there are some signs that may indicate that your tires need to be replaced even before they hit that mileage.


When the Tires Are Visibly Worn


You may have noticed that your tires have some patterns on their surface. Those patterns are what provide the motorcycle with a good grip. If those “patterns” are hardly visible anymore, it means that your tires are in bad shape. Ideally, the depth of these patterns should not be less than 0.06 inches. If you find that you exceed that measure, then it’s important to change them immediately.


It’s also always good to check tires for signs of wear, as even tires that have never been used can be in a bad condition. This could be due to multiple factors such as humidity, temperature, position, and pressure.


When the tire has suffered irreparable damage


It’s common for tires to crash directly against the curb, a pothole, or even against the sidewalk. This can cause some internal damage that’s not easy to notice at first glance. These damages can also occur when you constantly park with the wheel leaning and hitting the sidewalk.


If you have had any of these strong blows to the rim, we recommend you go to a trusted mechanic to have them checkedIf the mechanic determines that the tire damage is irreparable, you’ll need to change the tire as soon as possible.


When inflation pressure does not last


For better performance of our motorcycle, you also must always have the correct pressure on your tires. The standard is to blow air into the tires at least once a month, but if your tire loses pressure in less time and you have to blow air more and more often, your tire may be torn internally. This inconvenience is another indicator that it’s time to change the tire on your motorcycle.


The tire is unevenly worn out


Uneven tread wear can indicate a mechanical issue, such as shock absorber, transmission, accessory wear, or swinging. It might also be the result of insufficient tire pressure. We must check the wheel balance every six months to avoid this from happening. This will only ensure that your tires will last longer.


If your tires show any of the symptoms mentioned above, it may be time for you to change them. If you’re not sure about their current condition, you can always consult a trusted specialist to evaluate them. Remember, your safety must always be a priority while on the road.